Both (Boyxboy)

Both (Boyxboy)

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Nagisa Shiota By NagisaShiota11 Updated Jun 16

Both were neglected, shunned, and branded as demons. One hid the pain, while the other hid behind fake smiles. One from the Sand, the other from the Leaf. One pushed away those close to him, the other kept those precious to him close. 

Both live.

Both learns.

One has secrets. 

The love.

⚠Warning- may die of fluff overload⚠
⚠I owe nothing, but the plot⚠

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frost412 frost412 Jun 23
Sorry, I might be guilty of doing that.
                              This is my third time reading 'both' I really love this story 😍
                              As well as Sakura x Hinata and Ino x Tenten.
NamiSuGirl NamiSuGirl Jul 12
Yup! I sometimes totally forget I had siblings to be with and watch over when I'm with my friends! Jk. I'm not that bad.
mkb2100 mkb2100 Jun 28
XD me and my best friend do this but we bet on how others relationships end and/or last.
Hell_child Hell_child May 06
Isn't it ironic how their hair color matches the others tailed beast?
mkb2100 mkb2100 Jun 28
*dead* when you say your prepared when it happens your really not