The Light Of Konoha

The Light Of Konoha

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KingIsCutest By Amy_Senpai Completed

A young boy from an extinct clan wandering the forests of the land of fire. Clutching to him the thing he holds most dear. 
A memory of the one who raised him. 

The one who is dead.

"My goal?
My goal is to find a certain man...
And punch him in the face..."

*Fluffy yaoi (boyxboy) is present
*whispers* but only a little, shhhhhh
*i also don't own Naruto

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_DarkSmiles_ _DarkSmiles_ 3 days ago
Guy. Do you seriously think. That a mere c h i l d. Would have diabeetus at their age? I love ya an all but seriously man your kinda stupid
 #RIP lmfao I am dead. I expected it but the way he said it has e dead.
This is me in a nutshell.. today my friend asked me if V was one of the rappers in BTS and I didn't even think.. I said yes... and the I was like WAIT WHAT THE HELL NO SORRY HE'S NOT
Hopefully she doesn't have the brain damage you clearly have, Gai.
SudokuDeath SudokuDeath Oct 08
DO THE TRAPPP. It's always the other way around in Nardo fanfics, I love this.
_Tokage_ _Tokage_ Oct 09
Kakashi:"..........." *throws walls and chair everything everywhere* jimhtdsfvgnetcdyjmn (*insert am gay meme* jk)
                              Me: pfttttt hagahvdahaha I can't breathe! 😂😂