Belong To You  ~Niall Horan AU~

Belong To You ~Niall Horan AU~

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Manawiligirl By Manawiligirl Updated May 21

"I'm a person not a toy. You can't just use me then threw me out." 

" You're not a toy. But you do belong to me." 

Niall Horan leader of the the most feared gang in all of Europe. Rachel a shy girl from America trying to live her dream. But when those two cross paths how will things turn out. Because things are a lot different in London then they are in America.

    wolfpupwoof wolfpupwoof Aug 10
    You locked eyes with Niall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awe he smirked!!!!!!!!!!! He's gonna find you!!!!!!
    wolfpupwoof wolfpupwoof Aug 10
    NIALL!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it was you!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wolfpupwoof wolfpupwoof Aug 10
    It's Niall!!!!!! Hello Niall!!!!! Nialler!!!!!! Eeeekkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -kyleigh -kyleigh Jul 30, 2016
    How funny would it be to see tattooed covered guys walking into a small little tea shop. 😂😂😂
    CrazyMofoKitten CrazyMofoKitten Apr 24, 2016
    Englands weather can literarly be heating to death one day and snow the next but mostly raining....talking from experience ... Havent owned a coat in 3years me