little lies | s.m [✓]

little lies | s.m [✓]

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in which the girl loves the invisible boy.
{short story, also slightly cringe worthy. it was my first story so}


completed; november 18th, 2015
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ohmanmendes ohmanmendes Aug 09
i knew it i was gonna press this comments button and see all the TØP fans
shawnhatestomatoes shawnhatestomatoes Apr 08, 2016
@Fangirl_1_ @juliaaafffmenddes @livemendes you all are my soulmates we need to talk I love tøp more than most things. Except Shawn of course
MendesArmyyy1 MendesArmyyy1 Oct 27, 2016
THATS SHAWNS FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!! Is it creepy that I know that?
dklamendes dklamendes Apr 12, 2016
i was literally about to comment about tøp but i can see u all beat me to it
moondustmendes moondustmendes Aug 19, 2016
oh ur that hoe who complains about not getting 100 when you got 99.99999%
- - Mar 06
You know what would be awesome? If Matthew knew about Shawn and they were good friends.