little lies | s.m [✓]

little lies | s.m [✓]

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in which the girl loves the invisible boy.
{short story, also slightly cringe worthy. it was my first story so}


completed; november 18th, 2015
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idekynmendes idekynmendes 4 days ago
aye this is where I live! I love my school and feel comfortable with everyone haha
-Lou_And_I- -Lou_And_I- Mar 02
This is literally my mum ! She loves school while I dread it .
-netflixandfood- -netflixandfood- Nov 07, 2017
um, last week i got a 55% on my science test so stop complaining bitch...
roses9819 roses9819 Jan 17
Yeah wtf my friend gets pissed that she has a 88 or 90 in math while im over here having a 65 and 70 in math
ohmanmendes ohmanmendes Aug 09, 2017
i knew it i was gonna press this comments button and see all the TØP fans
juliehadchiti juliehadchiti Oct 27, 2016
THATS SHAWNS FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!! Is it creepy that I know that?