Lies - Criminal Minds || Spencer Reid Fanfiction

Lies - Criminal Minds || Spencer Reid Fanfiction

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{Book Two}
It's been two and a half years since Melanie hotchner last stepped foot inside the BAU in Quantico, Virginia. During that time almost everything has changed, including the new BAU in Albany, New York. 

"You have to heal, Reid." He nodded his head and smiled.
"I have. In my own way. I'm with Dylan now."

"I know that. But just because you've moved on and you're with someone else, doesn't mean you've forgotten or gotten over what you and Melanie had."

They say time is a healer, but not everybody can be healed. The endless respect everyone once held for Melanie is now shrinking, running tension and emotions high.

"Profilers. We're logical, observant, fast. We're not sneaky or suspicious or sly or liars, Spence. We shouldn't be doing this. This isn't who we are. And if you're even a shred of the man I fell in love with, you'll realise just how mad this is."

But as usual, Melanie's past finds a way of catching up with her, and begs the question; has too much water gone under the bridge for her and Spencer? Old ghosts come back to haunt her and have her running back to what she's always known.

"The moment you're perceived as weak, you already are."

* * *

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Book One: Honesty.
Book Two in the SR Series

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