Once Upon a Cookie

Once Upon a Cookie

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This book was previously known as The Bad Boy Next Door...

"Connor! It started with a cookie!" I exclaimed and looked at him with a huge grin.

"What?" He asked confused.

"It I never ate that cookie, then you would have never gotten the video of me going crazy! If I never ate that cookie... then we would still be strangers!" 

"I'm glad you ate that cookie Aria," Connor whispered smiling.

I guess its Once Upon a Cookie instead of Once Upon a Time...


Meet Aria Ellies, the girl no one ever noticed. She never gets in trouble, gets excellent grades, and is a child a parent would wish for. 

Now meet Connor Reid...
Wild, mean, has an ego the size of Canada, gets into fights, isn't afraid of anything, and gets in detention every other day. Not to mention, he is a player.

What happens when they cross paths? Will they fall for each other or will they become friends?

#89 on 4 May 2016

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Shouldn't it be "He asked, as the whole class looked at me."? Since the story is being written in first person?
I said this to my ex and his girlfriend, because he called me a whore when he cheated on me. 😂😂
Ally8888 Ally8888 Sep 18
i learned it the hard way
                              ....im an idiot.....HEY I WAS ONLY 7!
TheNerd_In_Converse TheNerd_In_Converse Apr 11, 2016
Cameron Dallas!!!!!!! Also did u take the names from PLL season 4? I believe
nahomy_pena nahomy_pena Feb 14, 2016
*shawn mendes voice*                🎵Cameron Dallas is my boyfriend🎶
Seen that happen on Collins Key YouTube Channel, you guys should check it out