I Don't Like You

I Don't Like You

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Corey Hale and Aiden Praxston don't like each other. At all. Never have, never will. She hates him and he hates her; so she thinks.

What Corey doesn't know is that Aiden doesn't in fact hate her. He feels the complete opposite. 

One of Aiden's past relationships turned him into the person he is today; arrogant, selfish, rude, and he vowed to never love again. He's a complete Badass. Girls, Drinking, and getting high is his life now. Although, he soon realizes that he can't hide his true feelings about Corey. 

So when Aiden's past comes back to take revenge, and could effect the girl he cares about, you could only imagine what would happen. 

However, how can he protect her without letting the truth go? If it does get out, it could be a total repeat of what happened before. That couldn't happen. Not again. 

Follow them on their journey as Corey and Aiden face their true feelings and come to realize many things.  One of them being that being in Love, is no joke.

comingbacksoon comingbacksoon Jul 06, 2016
Can someone please tell me what's 6'4 and 5'5 in centimeters I don't understand the american system ;-;
_damn_daniel_ _damn_daniel_ Dec 25, 2016
I'm 5'5 too almost 5'6 but on my permit it says 5'7 so I'm using that as my height from now on lol
If they're a senior they should be 18 or 17, juniors are usually 16-17... at least where I am. Unless they got held back or are super seniors
isabel_fandom_freak isabel_fandom_freak Jun 11, 2016
Hobbit lol I get called shorty my friend are all 5'3 and up whereas I'm 5'1 short life rocks
JustreadingE1234 JustreadingE1234 Oct 23, 2016
... Is Corey super popular or something? Cause the way she flicks her hair confidently and smiles, she's probably some model.