Remember His Voice - A Niam Fic [on hold]

Remember His Voice - A Niam Fic [on hold]

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Niall Horan made one mistake. Just one, and suddenly, his entire world gets flipped upside down. He shouldn't have driven the car. It was stupid to drive after having so much to drink. He didn't mean to get into the driver's seat. He didn't mean to tell Liam to get in the passenger's side. He didn't mean to crash.
And most of all, he didn't mean for Liam to never speak again.

To those who are planning on reading this, this book is not complete and is discontinued, which is why it is marked with a complete check mark. I'm sorry about this, but I have no more for this story. 

Thanks for understanding. 
After a crash that nearly kills Liam, he is stuck without his voice.
His career is gone. Niall blames himself, even though every tells him not to.

This is a Niam fic!

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TheGayShippingOne TheGayShippingOne May 04, 2017
To be honest, I hate trailers of fanfictions, because most of the time, they are so beautiful and sad I cry and then my family looks at me weirdly
shyrivera537 shyrivera537 Feb 05, 2016
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_band_geek_01 _band_geek_01 Mar 20, 2016
I read this forever ago and I've been trying to find it and I found it!
Karma_Horan Karma_Horan Aug 25, 2015
As I was watching that video, See You Again (the Paul Walker tribute song) was on and Dear Lord, I couldn't quit crying
- - May 04, 2015
"stay with me, 'cause your all I need." lmao idk why but I'm crying and laughing at the same time
Sammyismymoose Sammyismymoose Aug 22, 2014
I watched the video thing for this story and I'm all ready crying haven't read a word of the actual story yet! I'm a Liam and Niall girl so Niam is like my life and just the video made me bawl, the story is gonna literally kill me! Anonymous43 yourresponible for my death!