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Why Me? (Older Hiccup and Reader)

Why Me? (Older Hiccup and Reader)

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ﻬѕнєявєятஐ By happy_sherbert Completed

All rights reserved.

    Your a lonely girl. Your family died along time ago on a forgotten island far away. You was always bullied as a child. Some people have been harsh and cruel to you. But you don't let that stop you. You love to travel and visit lots of different places. One day while your out in the forest you stumble upon a mysterious dragon white as snow and eyes as blue as sapphires. 

What will you do?

Who will you meet along the way?

Who might ins something even more fascinating along the way.

A boy maybe?

Someone who loves you for you.

No. You think.

No body as ever loved me for who you are except your parents.

"Why me? Why..."

Also Astrid is just a friend, no romantic intercourse goes on between Hiccup and Astrid, this also takes place after the HTTYD 2 movie.

I do not own any pictures or art used in my stories. All rights reserved for those art I use.

Ashley8147 Ashley8147 May 20
Wow, I wonder what's going to happen.
                              I totally haven't read the book twice already, and I'm totally not casually coming back to read it again because it's such a good story, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA uh yeah, sarcasm, yippee, okay I'm just gonna read now XD
But...httyd 2 information *Bam* mix of changewing AND nightfury live like fuckin gods
BLOODTHIRSTY LIFE RULES!!! Keep crushing enemies till your satisfied!!
Nice girl. Damn! Always surviving. First of all, no offense to technology teens who love it, duck for cover! TECHNOLOGY GOES TO FRIGGIN HELL AND IT ISN'T UNLIMITED NETWORK, SO SUCK UP THAT PACIFIER IN YO MOUTH 'FORE I CAN TURN INTO A DAMNED BLOODTHIRSTY KILLER! Thank you for the suffer.
Nightfury saliva through of Dragon information needs work
*le gasp* part nightfury, part change wing! Night wing! Or, change fury? Lol! Anywho, WEEEEE! I HAVE MY OWN GIRL VERSION OF TOOTHLESS! 😁😁😁😂😂😂