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Piano Shuu x Reader

Piano Shuu x Reader

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ShadeDiamond By ShadeDiamond Updated a day ago

I do not own Diabolik Lovers or the characters. They belong to the Rejet company. This is purely fanmade.


I was running through the hallways of the school I was currently attending, Ryoutei Academy, trying to escape the wrath of a bunch of crazy Laito fan girls. These girls could only be described in two words: deranged psychopaths. I made one negative comment about their beloved playboy, Laito, and I'mthe bad guy!
I ran into the music room, trying to catch my breath. After pausing to make sure they passed me I took a deep breath of relief and looked around. Seeing no one in the room calmed me further, and my eyes lit up once I spotted a piano. I walked toward it happily. Playing the instrument's soft melodies has been my stress reliever for as long as I can remember. 
I sat on the bench and pulled the cover up, letting my fingers ghost over the keys, readying myself. I began playing My Immortal by Evanescence. I became so immersed in the melody, and the feeling of t...

THANKD CAS you made this day come true you can never go to heaven that dosnt have a angel to make sure it all runs like you want it to
- - Dec 24, 2016
"Psychopaths" what about me
                              friend: YOUR WAY WROSE THAN A PSYCO
Annie_322 Annie_322 May 02, 2016
When a boy sees a girl he loves embarrassed, shy or flustered, for some reason they call her 'cute' :/ idky...
IMuTSic IMuTSic Oct 01, 2016
Well i played a little bit of piano so i can relate with this!
ImVeryJungShook ImVeryJungShook Apr 04, 2016
When I read the first sentence I thought u meant the brothers. I'm like they couldn't care less. I missed when you put girls
I love laito he is weird but funny I just can't take him seriously