Sweet Dream Kanato x Reader

Sweet Dream Kanato x Reader

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ShadeDiamond By ShadeDiamond Updated Oct 21, 2016

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It was a normal night when I woke up, nothing seemed out of place. I went to school, like normal, and watched Kanato, like normal. He was one of the Sakamaki brothers, and in my opinion, the cutest one. How he would smile at everyone, the way he acted with his teddy bear, and especially how he was during one of his breakdowns. He was perfect in every way.

I was thinking of a way to wish him a happy birthday, since it seemed no one else really cared his birthday was in just a few days. I knew he liked sweets, so maybe I could bake him something? That would be easy, since my family runs a bakery. Yeah, that's what I'll do. But it'll have to be something small or else I'll get in trouble. I giggled at the thought, already sketching what it would look like in my history notebook.


I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand. I just finished, and it was ...

Lady_Violets Lady_Violets Sep 10, 2016
You and I are the same...we suffer from Stockholm syndrome...people may say we're insane, but we know the truth: LOVE!!!
Kami_Trancy Kami_Trancy Jan 09
We are becoming insane *shrugs* I'm related to yuno gasai it was gonna happen sooner or later
Kami_Trancy Kami_Trancy Jan 09
Nope not at all 
                              My mind: Kami you like vampires too much 
                              Me: shut up
Lady_Violets Lady_Violets Sep 10, 2016
I'm proud of myself to make out of my room to the bathroom...(which is right across the hall)
alanam81 alanam81 Jul 27, 2016
*makes slurping sounds in the distance as I watch him* Dayum it should be illegal to be that fine (I hope someone will get this refrence XD)
Miuna_Hyakuya Miuna_Hyakuya May 24, 2016
Well, I think Daddy Teddy wouldn't approve. He's pretty protective over me y'know