H2OVanoss Cute Moments and Theories

H2OVanoss Cute Moments and Theories

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Theories about them (I highly suggest reading Theory #9 first) based on what we see from their videos and their social media accounts.
Along with cute moments from their videos that capture the essence of H2OVanoss. 

Facts will be presented to support the theory and links to videos/pictures/tweets will be included ^_^
(Including an old picture of someone who could possibly be Delirious with Cartoonz. Aka the guy at the left side of the cover picture)

Note: Don't read only to hate :) All just theories and only things I claim to be true are the ones already proven to be true :D any and all information/facts shown are from the guys themselves. 

*Legend for titles:
Theory -> theories on their states
CMT -> cute moments and theories on it

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CaiOtakuloid CaiOtakuloid Apr 16, 2017
OK listen listen listen/read read read this comment for a bit...Evan is damn single, Sydney and him already broke up at September 1st (at least that's what I heard)
Stupidgirl206 Stupidgirl206 Aug 13, 2017
Coco-Neko-Senpai Coco-Neko-Senpai Sep 07, 2017
I'm most likely the only one who is going to ask this but what is the name of the video that Nogal says that there's a new YouTube couple? I can't read this until I find it!!!
The only reason for that is because vanoss has trying to make shy delirious unanit-social and get face that face reveal but he only got details if watch the division you would know how he look's
Interesting you know around that time evan did have his name/gametag as H2OVanoss for a few games he played...
Kylirious Kylirious Aug 27, 2016
ohh wait was it that brunette girl where they went idk probably played paintball with Syndicate and them? that pic everyone crops her out of lmao. well everyone does it with Sydney too but that girl was a brunette. idk her name :/