H2OVanoss Cute Moments and Theories

H2OVanoss Cute Moments and Theories

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Theories about them (I highly suggest reading Theory #9 first) based on what we see from their videos and their social media accounts.
Along with cute moments from their videos that capture the essence of H2OVanoss. 

Facts will be presented to support the theory and links to videos/pictures/tweets will be included ^_^
(Including an old picture of someone who could possibly be Delirious with Cartoonz. Aka the guy at the left side of the cover picture)

Note: Don't read only to hate :) All just theories and only things I claim to be true are the ones already proven to be true :D any and all information/facts shown are from the guys themselves. 

*Legend for titles:
Theory -> theories on their states
CMT -> cute moments and theories on it

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allnightcore allnightcore Dec 27, 2017
I am mind blown I have never really thought about this stuff until now. 😱
kyugnies kyugnies Jul 27, 2016
well what i can say about this theory
                              Delirious HAS moved but he only moved in Virginia
                              but i believe he is in NC now because Cartoonz comes over to his home some times
MyaTheQueen MyaTheQueen May 01, 2016
He still lives in NC. Cause Cartoonz frequently posts on IG when he visits him. He even had a video where delirious was IN the room with him
OneDirectionZillas OneDirectionZillas Jan 21, 2016
Just post them!! I ship h20vanoss so hard and I believe that their relationship is real!! Sorry for being childish, I don't know much and hardly even experienced about relationships
rileypoll rileypoll Dec 29, 2015
He did, North Carolina - Virginia. I think he might've moved back, though.
I_Am_The_Bewee I_Am_The_Bewee Nov 18, 2015
I just want to say I think delirious is blonde because in his video "Shift happens episode five cartoons calls him a blonde basterd I don't know why I brought this up.... Sorry maybe I don't know