Rising Up From Ruin - Ziam (AU)

Rising Up From Ruin - Ziam (AU)

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Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall have all lived at St. Xavier's House for Homeless Boys since they were young. With only one year left until they are allowed to leave, a new addition comes to the orphanage. His name is Zayn Malik. Kids spread rumors about him quickly, but Harry was never a person who turned people away because of their past. Will Zayn open up to them? And will Liam be able to get over his newly found crush?

This is a Ziam fic with a bit of Larry, but mostly Ziam. Soo.....Yup.


- - Jun 20
XD...lowkey questioning if I should be laughing or nah because I'm Christian...... Oh well lol
marlenna-b marlenna-b Jan 18
My mom, sister, dad, and I are all atheists so when we go to our relatives houses and have to pray before we eat it's really awkward
abnkljccdjh abnkljccdjh Nov 16, 2015
This reminds me of TAT (I know it's a whole different fandom)
abnkljccdjh abnkljccdjh Nov 16, 2015
My mom is a strong believer of God, but she never makes me go to church because why would you go worship if you don't feel it
larry-bands larry-bands Aug 10, 2015
I'm religious like I believe in God and I pray and all those things but I disagree with a lot of the things the church does and says