The Journal of Remus Lupin

The Journal of Remus Lupin

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EmbraceYourWeirdness By yannigotchi2010 Updated Mar 19, 2016

This is the journal of Remus Lupin. I have put a tongue tying hex on it, and have put a lot of other charms on it as well. Don't even try to read it (i'm talking to you, Black!)

Shared by Teddy Lupin after reading his fathers journal. I have reinforced my dads weak locking charms so don't even try to read this. (I'm looking at you James Sirius Potter!)

(DISCLAIMER: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling, except the ones i made up. You can tell which are which.)

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God, ruler of heaven. Gosh, ruler of kevin. Yosh, ruler of seven-eleven. (Rudy Mancuso reference)
I'm just saying my mother would be crying tears of happiness; I'd finally leave the house
- - May 12, 2016
p.s, i recently found out that sirius black is a lil' bitch but im in love with him
SiriusBlackTheGrim SiriusBlackTheGrim Sep 24, 2016
@AnythingButPopular ok ok I'm going.. Don't get the moon in a knot!
emdum1 emdum1 Jan 05
*raises hand* I wrote my emotions in a journal mostly lists of people I would do the killing curse on though
AnythingButPopular AnythingButPopular Jun 27, 2016
Headcannon that I thought of two seconds ago: 
                              Remus was sorted into the house of the brave because the Sorting Hat saw the fear in his mind of hurting his parents and new found friends, yet he stuck with all of them and didn't isolate himself. (With the exception of the full moon.)