Daddy's innocent girl [h.s]

Daddy's innocent girl [h.s]

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' By severedlines Updated Apr 30, 2016

Rosalie lives the life of an average boring sixteen year old: she doesn't have many friends, has her nose in one too many books and barely has a social life.

But things are about to change.

Through unfortunate circumstances, Rosalie crosses paths with a young multi-millionaire businessman who goes by the name of Harry Styles, or to her, Daddy.

When Harry offers her an ultimatum, to which Rosalie happily agrees to, will Rosalie manage to live up to Harry's high expectations without hurting herself in the process ?

RasheedaReeves8 RasheedaReeves8 Feb 11, 2016
He should be able to pay the uni fees himself not his mother. He is the one going to the school not his mother
cheerandread_ cheerandread_ Mar 30, 2016
Question is the girl in the cover wearing a diaperrrrr orrrrrrrrrr
hottieharold hottieharold Feb 17, 2016
After reading this comment section, I'm glad to have my nan pay me endless...
zustinbling zustinbling Aug 05, 2016
I live in a country where we have no tax and  school is for free and the government gives houses to citizens. I just realized how grateful I should be
soljagirl7 soljagirl7 Dec 29, 2015
Reading these comments makes me feel better that there are others in this fandom that are in my same situation, directioners unite!
shimizuyuno shimizuyuno Dec 21, 2015
Wow, after reading these comments, I should honestly be thankful for what I have instead of takin it for granted all the time.