Whoa There Baby

Whoa There Baby

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Forever By Suck_My_LukeHemmings Completed

AJ is the quiet shy girl who only has about 3 friends. She knows right from wrong. She doesn't smoke, drink, and is still a virgin if I must add. 

James is the badass player in school. He of course smokes, and had sex with tons of girls. He has mostly the whole school as friends.

What happens when AJ and James are forced to be together because of a little mistake? What happens when that mistake ends up having AJ pregnant? 

AJ and James go through ups and downs. The worst part in it all is that they don't even talk or even like each other. But that's what happen when you fuck a player.....

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I feel bad for him but I would do the same thing cause I'm Hella blunt
the word I would have used is comitting, since you can't 'do' suicide...
BlyIsInTheWoods BlyIsInTheWoods Aug 24, 2016
I had a crush on an Asian dude named Miles in middle school and he turned out to be gay.. And a complete douche.
LadyRed563 LadyRed563 Feb 21
Well he actually wanting to be your friend...It's just Facebook. Not like it's Tweeter or Instagram.
DeAseiaa DeAseiaa Jun 11, 2016
I mean I've a curfew to be home but not go to bed. 😞 chill
shazynejones shazynejones Jul 20, 2015
I laugh if he was on about someone else and by accident texted AJ