Me, Myself, & My Babies

Me, Myself, & My Babies

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lust By lustylatte Updated Aug 16

**The timeline/months in this story are messed up,  so don't comment about it,  I already know,  or do,  Idgaf what you do tbh**

16 year old Maisie has never been asked out by a boy, or even in a relationship. She was pure and innocent.

Until Friday night, her and her older brother got into a nasty argument leaving her angry and careless.

Before she left for the party that night, she's never had a drop of alcohol or didn't even know what a "body shot" was.

She messages her close friend about a party. She goes, has a drink. 

She wakes up the next morning with a pounding headache, naked, and in bed with Darren, your typical player. 

Two weeks later Maisie finds out she's pregnant with Darren's child.

Darren, the guy who took her first kiss that night.
Who took her virginity that night.
Who she's going to have a baby with.
Who is the father.
Who made her little bundle of joy.

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Emila1301 Emila1301 5 days ago
Note for next time" I looked at her, seeing she was drunk. But no critizing intental.