Purple Covering

Purple Covering

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Taylor Vanessa Ryan. 

Her black leather jacket helps her hide her bruises, each one of them done by her father. She works at a bar as a dance teacher, just to gain cash to get away from her secrets. To get away from the world. 

All she wants is for everyone to leave her alone. Yet James McDaniels can't stay away from her. Specially when he's drowning in a deal that has to do with her. 

Bruises, Lies, Stalking, Cover ups, Parties, Hospital trips, Forests, Pole dancing, Running away, and Maybe just a bit of love...

《Carmen's body stopped struggling. The bubbles forming from her air stopped and the water became still. Fred stood there in shock. He was as afraid as me. And I was practically shitting my pants.

Taylor let go of Carmen's head. Carmen's lifeless body fell to the concrete floor with a loud thump. Taylor's hands were red even after she wiped them on her shirt. She picked up the gun and kicked Carmen's lifeless body. She took a step towards Fred and I. 

But I feared my own safety. My gun pointed at Taylor. She stopped walking her face going pale. She looked at Fred then at me. Her lips slowly turning into her usual smirk.

"Go ahead. Kill me babe. Shoot me, dead. That way we can both become murders and rot in hell along with everyone in this basement." She took two steps closer.

"Stop. I don't want to hurt you." I whispered. 》

Void__Wolf Void__Wolf May 14
I love the story already but its Buy not bye (sorry I have a weird problem 💞)
TheRealRere TheRealRere 2 days ago
Beautiful, such a motivated girl, that's the spirit, don't let them make you fall and if you do keep rising
Ok, so she's just going to let this happen 
                              What a great fuckin mother u got there
xXxLove_BugxXx xXxLove_BugxXx Aug 26, 2016
I'm already in love with this book, thanks for telling me about it! Can't wait till the end. 💖💖💖
I will kidnap him, then slowly torture him for months. Then when he's at his weakest I will slowly kill him. Then everyday have a body piece sent to the cops. Until all his body parts are there I will burn down my house so no one knows. And no one will hear him because my basement is isolated
Omg, do I not see her doin anything about this
                              AND YOU WANY TO PROTECT HER SORRY ^SS