Got service? | Punk!Levi x Reader | AU

Got service? | Punk!Levi x Reader | AU

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Neeoni By Neeoni Updated Sep 20, 2015

A/N: Bad language ahead.


"Don't forget to leave feedback for today's service on the box before you leave. Have a nice day." 

I gesture my hand towards a small plastic box on the narrow table on his left. I smile happily to the old grumpy looking man, who gathers his stuff from the counter.

"Service... damn joke that is" the man mumbles through his teeth, doing it loud enough for me to hear it. He leaves a blender package on the counter and leaves without even looking at the feedback box. 

That's right, go away, fuck you very much, I smile towards the man's back, before I lower the blender under the counter. I quickly glance at the time from the corner the computer screen. Less than an hour left in this hell, I sigh tiredly.

I try to wipe the previous customer's shit out of my system, as I open a new blank form on my computer. I stare at the screen with great disappointment, which is the perfect word to describe how I feel about my life at the moment. 

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x_Art_hoe_x x_Art_hoe_x Apr 06, 2015
I really love your story so far! Your writing is amazing, just like the story! :D