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Undercover (Jelsa)

Undercover (Jelsa)

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Mintyhippo95 By Mintyhippo95 Completed

Jack and Elsa have a long complicated past, one that both of them tried for many years to forget. 

Elsa lives in New York, is rich, successful, famous, has a daughter, along with many secrets. She has been hunted down by the Nightmares for years now, and everyday is getting more dangerous for her. Lucky for her she has a specific skill set along with several other secrets that she keeps hidden from just about everyone. Only Anna and her daughter know her most dangerous secrets, and the three of them will stop at nothing to keep them hidden. What happens when the people of her horrible past barge into her life, and needs her help? 

Jack is now living in California as a spy for the Disney/DreamWorks Agency. He is as rich, and is loving his life as a bachelor/playboy. When he gets a mission to protect a mysterious women who goes by the Snow Queen from the criminal gang the Nightmares, he is not happy. He thinks this mission is going to be boring and stupid, or at least at first. Little does he know what the future has in store for him. When the Nightmares put him on their black list and burn down his home, he has no choice to go into hiding. He knows that he is going to need to hide in the last place he would ever step foot in, and see someone that he never thought he would see again. What's worse is when the Disney/DreamWorks Agency wants the person to join the group and work undercover with Jack.

What happens when the two enemies collide? 

Please don't hate. This is my first Jelsa story, as well as my first story ever. I would appreciate feedback, but just remember a newb is writing it. I would also appreciate if no one copied this story. Also please don't hate for me shipping these two, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

But..... Didn't she just ate a scrambled egg on the last chapter??
Sugar_Fix Sugar_Fix Aug 04, 2016
Someone just did so cry yourself a river, build yourself a bridge and drown in the river. (Got that from a book I read called comebacks and insults)
Sugar_Fix Sugar_Fix Aug 04, 2016
If someone did what jack did to Elsa to me, I wouldn't read their text either. Heck, I wouldn't want to see them, I would move to the other side of the world
Sugar_Fix Sugar_Fix Aug 04, 2016
Hehe. Jack-ass is what I call my boyfriend sometimes. His name is Jack
Jelsa2619 Jelsa2619 Sep 03, 2016
Megpie1 Megpie1 Jul 03, 2016
I love reading the comments almost as much as re-reading this book for the... 4th time