Love Potion Number 69

Love Potion Number 69

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Gideon’s hot for his Chemistry teacher. When he concocts a love potion to seduce her, will he get the reaction he desires?

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Warning: This story contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. 

Love Potion Number 69

Other Chemistry graduate students might choose to go all Breaking Bad and use their scientific knowledge to cook crystal meth, but the sole purpose of Gideon’s extracurricular experiment was to create an elixir of seduction. Adapting a spell from his great grandmother, a Voodoo high priestess, he added substances created in the college’s laboratory. Substances which caused the brain to pump out serotonin, endorphins and other feel good chemicals.

Grandmamma promised the spell wouldn’t make the person who consumed it do anything against their nature. It simply released inhibitions and opened possibilities.

His advisor, Professor King, took a long swig of the iced coffee laced with the potion and brushed back strands of her blonde highlighted hair. He’d been dosing her all semester and the elixir was finally working its magic.

Gone was the shell of a woman shattered by divorce and the humiliation of being dumped for a dim witted girl just out of high school. The potion brought out her inner cougar, evident in the way she licked her lips when she looked at him and found excuses to touch him. She took care in her appearance and switched from a wardrobe of polyester blends to one of silk and linen.

He had a special graduation gift for his favorite teacher. One that would fuel her fantasies for years to come.