The Smile [KageHina]

The Smile [KageHina]

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Potato-sama {ON HIATUS} By Hamasaki_Rumiko Updated Mar 19, 2016


Kageyama doesn't smile. A few times, yes, but they aren't genuine. They're too...forced. Seeing this, Hinata tries to make Kageyama smile genuinely and one thing leads to another. Can Hinata one day actually see a true smile on Kageyama's face? Or is Kageyama really going to be such a persistent bastard?

WARNING: Yaoi, BL (Boys Love)

Kageyama x Hinata 

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Cvhztree Cvhztree Feb 17
Bruh, my friend she told me this and she's still trying to make me smile
Diivizkrah Diivizkrah Oct 17, 2017
Ah, I remember taking Japanese when I was younger; gave it up to learn English though.
wriiiter wriiiter Jan 17
Kageyama, Hinata's not a midget. He's little shrimp, amirite?
Amelia543 Amelia543 Feb 14
like not eating and they're fast?...
                              Kageyama please have mercy on our small boy
ClawedOwl ClawedOwl Apr 28
Please be no dad moments like they died or something... because I just Red a book about those beans and one of them died and the other couldn't get along and muttered his name all over and over again... nngghhhh... My tears is still hasn't subsided....
rando33 rando33 Sep 04, 2017
Yeah ya see When Kageyama was born, the angels looked at him and said this boy would never laugh #sry not sry 😂😂 #