Battle scars// The Flash fan fiction

Battle scars// The Flash fan fiction

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Wonderwoman177 By Wonderwoman177 Updated Dec 29, 2016

Ashely Carpander, Barry Allen, and Iris West have been friends forever. But when there's a plot twist to the real story of the flash. Ashely and Barry end up at the same place when the lighting strikes. They both get thier powers at the same time and same place. Ashley becomes the girl flash. But they yet to relies that Ashely has a slight twist in her powers. She can see with her eyes closed, she can read minds, feel heart beats, also create and deflect lightning. But when she stumbles along the way she relies a slight pattern in Dr.Wells emotions.  
She also notices that had a few feelings here and there for Barry Allen. Will she fall in love or just move on?

P.s. I'm editing this book. 


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