Emblem 3 Imagines! :) |FINISHED|

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SweetLikeSugar_xoxo By SweetLikeSugar_xoxo Completed
While I have writer's block on other stories, you can all request imagines here! I'm doing them ALL. Just tell me which boy and your name. :) |NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS, FINISHED|
    Cover by: @ForeverCoverGirls
Can I have one with wes.. if it's not to late... my names Autumn! <3 TY
@SweetLikeSugar_xoxo I know you have to write a lot of stories but when you get the time to can you please make me one with Keaton. Btw my name is Calista. Thx :)
heyyy!! I don'tknow if I'm too late or not but can I have one with Keaton? My name is Makenzie, if not that's ok but thank you :)
Hi!!! I want an imagine please! My name is Zea and I would like to have Keaton
tell me if its possible if you could make one short story(wesley stromberg) and me :D i would love that,my name is giuliana btw!
Can i please have one with Chloe and Keaton? Thanks so much!