It's Complicated

It's Complicated

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First Fic~! Yay! Idk why it's hard to make a description. It's basically a love story with FNAF Guards x Reader based off Rebornica's description from the first and merged with the second. Like the title says, it will be a tough decision of which guard you want to be with.

(I do NOT own characters from FNaF only my OCs.!) Anyways enjoy my dears~! Cx

Text Copyright © QueenOfShadows67 (2015) All rights reserved. 

*And any references, music, photos, etc,. belong to their respectful owners, in which I do not take ownership unless I submit my own work (take drawings for example).

I don't eat toast, I'll just eat the bacon *throws toast at Vincent* 
                              Vincent: THANK YOU!!! :D 
                              Me: yeah yeah don't get your hopes up grape -_-
Thanks I'm not smart I'll sit here for an hour trying to find out what it is
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Is it just me that I never tried Bacon before? (BTW I from Philippines)
Ooooooo~ this got me excited for the next ones! Good job not a lot stories can do that to me! 👍
Wow... Found this in my library.. Good memories.. WELP... TIME TO REREAD THIS AMAZING BOOK