Five Nights At Freddy's- Foxy X Reader

Five Nights At Freddy's- Foxy X Reader

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Five Nights At Freddy's

Foxy X Reader

(This is my first X Reader dun kill me please)

Note- This is a ment for a girl... I'm sorry if your a fanboy ;-; 

(Y/N) = Your name

(L/N) = Last Name

(E/C) = Eye Color

(H/C) = Hair Color

(H/L) = Hair length 

(F/C) = Favorite Color

Jobless, that's what you were. Still living with your parents, fresh out of Collage with enough smarts to be a mechanic... yet no job! That is until your mother shows you something that will be a big changer in your life...

(Cover by me, first time drawing him, I think I did well -3-) 
(FNAF's Belongs to Scoot C.)

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I love how the character decides to go despite the 'Lol fake bro' on the paoer
"Oh ok so nope to night guard but repairing..."
                              *Moony turns around and calls out to friends*
                              "Hey Drake get me a wrench and Lelo get me a few other riff riffs I'm fixing these animatronics....
                              No not Twinkie and Fang I mean Freddy and Bonnie and the others....!!!"
Please let us get in don't lock us away were not like what your thinking.... we're poor little souls....
*gives all money and valuables*
                              Please. Need Foxy-sama babies.
This is why white girls in horror movies die first (ps. Im white so its not racism.....i think...)
I have the ability to open portals to teleport, I can grow three pairs of spiritual paws, I can breathe purple flame, I can move things with the wave if my paws,  I have the ability to mimic living things and voices and the ability to fly.