Broken Bonds and Missing Phantoms

Broken Bonds and Missing Phantoms

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Ash By ashfan23 Updated Jun 22, 2015

Kuroko No Basketball

Kuroko no Basketball is not mine. Only the story plot.
picture not mine either

Losing the inter high meant the end for the Seirin team. So they couldn't lose. They will not lose. Yet they did. They lost. Kuroko's passes couldn't go through and were all intercepted. Each intercept ended in a basket for the opposing team. Score 110:75
After all was said and done, everyone on the team besides Teppei and Riko's blamed Kuroko. Even his light Kagamine. His words hurt Kuroko the most. 

"You couldn't keep your promise! Seirin doesn't need someone who's only a weak shadow! Why don't you disappear!  I don't ever want to see you again." He stormed off without a word. "If that's what you wish." Said Kuroko in a voice so soft it wasn't even audible.  "Like a phantom I'll disappear."

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KennyLane_166 KennyLane_166 Mar 16, 2016
Sorry, hunbun~ but it's Kagami~ but it's your fanfic ~ you can call him whatever you want~ bye~;
Wind_Guardian27 Wind_Guardian27 Oct 08, 2016
BAKAGAMI... *smiles evilly while holding a knife menacingly* Prepare for your death.
steamyfictioner21 steamyfictioner21 Feb 08, 2017
I know this is supposed to be serious and emotional but all I can think of from his parting line is "he's a phantom. Danny Phantom~"
MYG_Mika MYG_Mika Dec 21, 2016
Didn't kuroko said something about the stronger the light , the stronger the shadow ... Doesn't this mean that bakagami is weak?
velvie- velvie- Dec 06, 2015
                              WHERES MY SWITCHBLADE??
Anabehtzoey Anabehtzoey May 13, 2015
                              Simplesmente sem palavras a historia é tão envolvente