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He's not that Possessive

He's not that Possessive

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ilovekpop23 By ilovekpop23 Updated Apr 21

"Fuck them! Fuck your age! You are mine! No one and I say no one else could do or will do the things I will do to you tonight" 
He whispered softly his voice is firm and anger visible from it. 

His hands started roaming around my body. It felt so good but I knew I had to stop this before it goes further. I don't want to lose something that a woman could only have once in her life so early. If he truly loves me then he should wait when I'm ready and not like now. He's forcing himself to me. I thought he respects me but no I am so wrong. 

"Let go of me you jerk!!" Tears ran down my cheeks like waterfalls. I feel so violated. He continued what he was doing but stopped when my sobs got louder. 

He stopped and then looked at me deeply in the eyes. I sobbed harder when I saw love, regret, jealousy, sadness and anger in his eyes. 

"I'm sorry" He got off me and picked up his clothes. He exited my room and probably went to his room leaving me crying and again cried myself to sleep.

LaZy_MaRy LaZy_MaRy May 30
Haven't you heard of the saying that boys lie? Obviously your 14 and a kind of a stupid one too, I may add.
                              Was that a little harsh? 😂
Ya, tell a COMPLETE STRANGER ur name. That is SO smart😒😒😒
I'm 14 I haven't found true love yet I'll wait till 18 and up
How does she know how he looks? And if he's an actual person not some online troll ????!
rudolph21 rudolph21 Oct 11, 2016
Lmao "A male on the internet lied!" Anybody: umm yeah. A lot of horny men are on there saying whatever they need to
goddessofmusic143 goddessofmusic143 Oct 26, 2016
Yeah some people get hurt because they fall for the wrong person