He's not that Possessive

He's not that Possessive

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ilovekpop23 By ilovekpop23 Updated Jan 09

"Fuck them! Fuck your age! You are mine! No one and I say no one else could do or will do the things I will do to you tonight" 
He whispered softly his voice is firm and anger visible from it. 

His hands started roaming around my body. It felt so good but I knew I had to stop this before it goes further. I don't want to lose something that a woman could only have once in her life so early. If he truly loves me then he should wait when I'm ready and not like now. He's forcing himself to me. I thought he respects me but no I am so wrong. 

"Let go of me you jerk!!" Tears ran down my cheeks like waterfalls. I feel so violated. He continued what he was doing but stopped when my sobs got louder. 

He stopped and then looked at me deeply in the eyes. I sobbed harder when I saw love, regret, jealousy, sadness and anger in his eyes. 

"I'm sorry" He got off me and picked up his clothes. He exited my room and probably went to his room leaving me crying and again cried myself to sleep.

hard-headed hard-headed May 10, 2016
I was on kik and this died messaged me he looked older than me he said
                              "Give me a chance girl I'm not like the others ones, I can treat you right" so I took a screenshot sent it to my friends and then I blocked and reported him 😭😂
Nickisama Nickisama Oct 31, 2016
Woah y'all just started texting like 5 mins now and you're asking her to be your gf? You need some milk
rudolph21 rudolph21 Oct 11, 2016
This entire thing seems like the guy wants nudes (eventually), he wants to take advantage (why guys go after younger girls), or it's a human trafficking trap
rudolph21 rudolph21 Oct 11, 2016
Well, it's over the internet. This happens a lot and guys know that girls like to feel special so they say stuff like this
goddessofmusic143 goddessofmusic143 Oct 26, 2016
Theirs a boy did that but i didn't do that i mean i didn't entertain the guy because the fact that he's a stranger and some of internet user is just fake i mean some of them act like a teen but the truth is he/she is an adult already so yeah be carefully aware
ravenkare ravenkare Jul 31, 2016
Yea sweetie go ahead and tell this strange man your real name😟😒