Stupid! (Piers Nivans x Reader)

Stupid! (Piers Nivans x Reader)

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"Good?" He huffed. "You call this 'good'? Do you have any idea how much of a trouble it was to get you to safety? Do you even know how difficult it was to take the damned J'avos down while having to carry your lifeless body out of there, and all the way to this place?! If it hadn't been for Chris, you'd be dead by now! Good thing he was there to save you! I seriously don't know how he manages to put up with rookies like you!" He snarled at me.

"I... I'm sorry..." I managed to utter with a strangled tone.

"'Sorry' won't do it." He sighed heavily. "Really... the thing you did back there... that was stupid! Absolutely stupid! What were you thinking?!"

Piers Nivans x Reader

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jazzverain: "This makes me happy every single time I read it tbh. Thank you."

AzuraAyarra: "I was completely drifted in my imagination. I admit! I'm reading this several times and never get bored. and this story kinda make me forget about his bad ending in the game."

vivofski Edited: "i love this fanfiction sooooo much *-* i need a piers :,D"

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Minxbunny Minxbunny May 19, 2016
Im going to cry because this never happens ;-; "Cri ery tim"
I like how it starts calling the persons name then bad part really good still
Horror_girl_13 Horror_girl_13 Sep 02, 2016
At some point since he's the captain, he needs to tell them both, "I order you two to date!"
Minxbunny Minxbunny May 19, 2016
Idk how to react because my guy senses are apearing and then my girl sense is kinda like :T hmm... I should i put this... Going away .3.
Ukaku-type Ukaku-type Feb 22, 2015
when I first saw Finn I was like he's gonna die I know it as much as I don't want him to die he will and I was right like I've played enough horror games to tell who's going to exactly die