A Summer to Remember    ~Book Five of the Color Series~

A Summer to Remember ~Book Five of the Color Series~

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Isabelle By tmnt51 Completed

A 3 month vacation is about total place for the turtles and their lovers. There will be fun times, serious times, mating season, drama between each other, romantic time, and maybe a engagement? An old enemy may even pop his ugly head back into their lives, how they handle it may mean life or death for some. 

And one may not make it back home from this vacation...

Book 5 of 7

  • donatello
  • leonardo
  • mikey
  • raph
  • tmnt
NatsuRaph18 NatsuRaph18 Dec 01, 2017
🎶Im so excited and i just can't hide it, oh im about to lose control and i think i like it🎶😂
Sonicsega123 Sonicsega123 Dec 27, 2016
I thought for a moment that they were gonna forget about splinter, because they were so excited to go on their vacation. Whoops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😅😅😅😅😅
- - Jul 27, 2016
Awesome start! I can't wait to read more, hopefully they get rid of Nathan in this one
LizzieFlynn200 LizzieFlynn200 Jul 02, 2016
What kind of parent lets his teenage sons go off alone to a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere with their girlfriends?
lilTrollgirl lilTrollgirl Feb 12, 2017
I just want to read this RIGHT NOW but I seriously need to study for a national exam I have in 2 days...so...TTFN :D
Mikeysgirltmnt Mikeysgirltmnt Jun 18, 2016
I'm just worried this whole book is gonna be more Leo and Isabelle then anyone else. I mean not much happened with Mikey and Liz and I want to read more about that. Everyone else had their share.