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Willy Wonka By peoplethatiusetoknow Updated Sep 18, 2016

He is dangerous 
He is cunning
He is intelligiant 
He is sexier than an Adonis
He is every mans role model
He is an Alpha
He is 


A name spoken of often most in fear hushed voices because He is always around lurking listening in the shadows
He's the reason kids are cautious 
Even humans know of his dangerous ways

He is my mate

Cover by: @nameeramariyam

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GabyDart GabyDart Jul 20, 2016
Oh my god. You just nailed my personality. 
                              Give no fucks whatsoever, because Walmart ran out.
hiscondom hiscondom Aug 01, 2015
Pfft trying to make an emotional beginning.. Aint Nothing gon make me more depressed than the bad boy stole my pudding cup's beginning i mean..  HE STOLE HER PUDDING!!! *sobs* u ppl just dont understand!
hiscondom hiscondom Aug 01, 2015
Ey ey guys get THIS ... There is a cave right behind the place where the WATER falls.. Get? Get it? *shame?* *knocks head?* *nope nothing*
FamilyRosario FamilyRosario Jul 22, 2015
I know wattpad stories are far from being well written but the bracket thing takes it to a whole other level immature and writing.
Abner__rosie Abner__rosie Jul 20, 2015
prologue. I use to spell it like that too. it made more sense to me
cheryblod cheryblod Jul 19, 2015
I laugh more than I should when the author spelled 'Yom' instead of 'Tom' .,xD