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MADELINE & MILLIE By RelentlessDreamer Completed

Caroline Allen and Aaron Jacobs had been best friends since the first day of kindergarten. Inseparable from each other up until middle school, when Aaron got into football and started to climb the social ladder. Caroline was sad that she was losing her best friend, but she couldn't stop him from being happy, so she accepted that her friend was moving on and she needed to as well, until something changed. Not only did Aaron stop being Caroline’s friend, but in order to keep his place in the popular crowd, began bullying her, along with the rest of the jocks. They would make fun of her weight, which was above average until she made herself sick. Now, in their junior year at high school, nothing has changed. Aaron is with the popular crowd and still bullies Caroline and because of it, she became anorexic and changed everything about herself. When will the bullying stop? Will it ever? And will Aaron ever see how much damage his words actually cause?

Little did she know that michael wpuld start a band with 3 aussies and become famous
hibasky hibasky Jul 09
It's my birthday and i'm here reading books because i have no life
Annorrah Annorrah Feb 11
omg. our generation is so messed up. even little kids are gossiping. lol
the1975_____ the1975_____ Nov 28, 2016
i want to be a bloody boss that gets to order around lol jk
                              i want to work at a 'sleep eat and chill all you can' is there something like that? Then if not i'll be a bloody unicorn 🦄
LunaOfTheRainbow1 LunaOfTheRainbow1 Sep 02, 2016
In 6th and 7th grade, I had this guy friend who always smelt like stale cheetos and cheese...
TJs_Story TJs_Story Sep 19, 2016
He CHANGES his name to that when his a teen.....his name is both Aaron and Michael but his a dbag so his like let's call myself Aaron so I'm more cool and I have no memory of my great childhood....aometing like that....😂😂