The Last Hybrid

The Last Hybrid

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Grayson By XxxGraysonxxX Updated May 07, 2015

Alaska Paris Keller. Yep! Daughter of Xavier and Kat Keller. Long beautiful brown hair with sparkling ocean blue eyes. Perfect combo of her parents, dad's tan skin, moms eyes and personalities, Dads strength. But is there something else that she keeps to herself thinking her parents won't understand?

Liam Channing. The werewolf king. He thinks he didn't capable of loving someone, so he never had a girlfriend. His father died when he was young and he took over at 19. All he does is work, work, work, work. Never had time for fun, love, anything. The only thing he has time for is his Mom. Why a happens when a certain someone stumbled onto his land? 

Or will something else happen? 

(Sequel to Rejected Hybrid)

  • alphas
  • hybrid
  • king
  • mates
  • moongoddess
  • powers
  • queen
  • witches
  • wolfs
MineBitch1 MineBitch1 Sep 27
You may have accidentally put the witch as Adeline and the wolf as Amelia but when you describe them they are swiched?
DoggyA13 DoggyA13 Jan 02
Hold the phone. She is 5 feet, and 18 year old. Im 12 and 5 feet
DoggyA13 DoggyA13 Jan 02
Hold the phone. She is 5 feet, and 18 year old. Im 12 and 5 feet
loveblessed loveblessed Jan 21, 2016
I'm only 5'4 and my and are short and so are my legs but other than that I have slightly big light brown eyes plump paleish pink slips short eyelashes maybe 2 and a half inches under my shoulder length dark drown almost brown curly hair and I have a tiny dimple on my left cheek
Wierd_Book_Worm Wierd_Book_Worm Feb 23, 2015
oh I know she is a werewolf so in her human form she has blonde hair whith soft curls
Certified_Unicorn Certified_Unicorn Feb 01, 2015
Wait if Amelia is the wolf how cone she has blonde soft curls to the waist 
                              And if Adeline is a witch that she has black fur??