Urban Legends And Tales

Urban Legends And Tales

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M E L | X O By crzymelss Completed

Don't go around killing your friend trying to summon these creatures now, ya hear? 

I can't 100% guarantee you'll crap your pants while reading all these stories but I found the majority of them rather creepy & interesting so, why not? Enjoy! 

(¡None of these are mine! 
Credit to all the original authors.)

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i've read this so many times and i still don't understand how people find it scary?? (the only thing i find scary is the fandom-- and i used to be in it--)
Is it... Is it wrong that I find this a beautifully sad story & have developed a bit of a crush on Jeff?.... *aggressively tries to find the Jeff x Readers I passed on before*
This is straight up me when someone asks if I'm okay and my sanity snaps for a couple of hours
Risma_ritsu Risma_ritsu Sep 24
You look so handsome I could marry you but I'm not a pedo sorry kid
Little kids annoy me, i like them when they are still in the mothers stomach
animaiz animaiz Nov 02
So scary, please write about Japanese urban legends they are scary. And Korean too are, for girls