Urban Legends And Tales

Urban Legends And Tales

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M E L | X O By crzymelss Completed

Don't go around killing your friend trying to summon these creatures now, ya hear? 

I can't 100% guarantee you'll crap your pants while reading all these stories but I found the majority of them rather creepy & interesting so, why not? Enjoy! 

(¡None of these are mine! 
Credit to all the original authors.)

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januaryemb3rs januaryemb3rs Oct 07, 2017
i've read this so many times and i still don't understand how people find it scary?? (the only thing i find scary is the fandom-- and i used to be in it--)
WhyWorryAboutMe WhyWorryAboutMe Jul 14, 2017
This is straight up me when someone asks if I'm okay and my sanity snaps for a couple of hours
milanna93 milanna93 Jun 26, 2017
i'd attack him and yell "Mom there's some crazy dude in here"
SehunBeGone SehunBeGone Apr 29, 2017
Well for me if I seen him I would grab my frying pan and beat his ass senseless then bury him in the graveyard then put a curse on him..I'm into voodoo
Larrys_12 Larrys_12 Sep 24, 2017
You look so handsome I could marry you but I'm not a pedo sorry kid
animaiz animaiz Nov 02, 2017
So scary, please write about Japanese urban legends they are scary. And Korean too are, for girls