Slendermans x reader lemons

Slendermans x reader lemons

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Hey there! Thanks for reading this book it means a lot ! I hope you enjoy these short one shots that I've made .

• Slenderman ♡

• Trendorman ♡

• SexualOffenderman ♡

• Splendorman ♡

This book it related to real satanic shit . ._. if you're not prepared for full on rape / smut / cutting a goats throat type of shit then this ma'am / sir . is the wrong book for you .

just kidding ain't about that 666 stuff xD . but just know that there is
- smut
- rape
- sometimes goat cutting
- fluff
- ect .

I do not own the Slenderman characters . Only the stories .
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LuckyCurls LuckyCurls Mar 24
And then after tomorrow, he finds another women to make love with and then they make love in front of you....
but...but...I am demonic though I would of been find 
                              *Na not into 666 things but still*
KattJones4 KattJones4 Oct 09
He has a face..... they all do, it's just that Slender, Trender, & Offender keep them hidden cuz their true forms scare the crap out of mortals..... luckily Splendor is the nice one.....til u piss him off then he does worse damage than all his bros combined..... ouch!
Well like my father always said when the boys don't leave when in doubt pull the shotguns out. :D
ClaudiaHodge ClaudiaHodge Dec 29, 2015
If I do 't want Offender to bother me, then why unlock my window? This puzzles me. XS
ClaudiaHodge ClaudiaHodge Dec 29, 2015
Before reading this I was hoping to see Slendy or Trendy first......... But the. I saw Offendy and on my mind I yelled "Oh COME ON!!!!!!" In a good way. XJ