Slendermans x reader lemons

Slendermans x reader lemons

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セン *. By PandaHeroJacey Updated Jul 16, 2016

Hey there! Thanks for reading this book it means a lot ! I hope you enjoy these short one shots that I've made .

• Slenderman ♡

• Trendorman ♡

• Sexual Offenderman ♡

• Splendorman ♡

This book it related to real satanic shit . ._. if you're not prepared for full on rape / smut / cutting a goats throat type of shit then this ma'am / sir . is the wrong book for you .

just kidding ain't about that 666 stuff xD . but just know that there is
- smut
- rape
- sometimes goat cutting
- fluff
- ect .

I do not own the Slenderman characters . Only the stories .
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random_users random_users Apr 29, 2017
I think he'd fit in the UnderLust AU........
                              Maybe too well.
Fallen_Hope1997 Fallen_Hope1997 Apr 13, 2017
-and the next morning offender woke up to a punch in the face- I HATE ASSHOLES LIKE YOU OFFENDER!!!
queenninja_lol queenninja_lol Jun 09, 2017
Offender's tentacles r whit not black only splendorman and slenderman has black tentacles
AngelStackhouse9 AngelStackhouse9 Sep 05, 2017
Please make a part 2 to this one it really good I like this one
LuckyCurls LuckyCurls Mar 24, 2016
And then after tomorrow, he finds another women to make love with and then they make love in front of you....
Maxie-Styles Maxie-Styles Nov 15, 2016
but...but...I am demonic though I would of been find 
                              *Na not into 666 things but still*