Frost Blood

Frost Blood

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Winter By terrorhoodie Updated Jun 08, 2015

They thought it was over.
Their world safe.
The war was won.

But their wrong.

It was just the beginning.
Something is coming, lurking, hiding.
And it's getting stronger.

Like puppets on strings, they have no idea someone is in control.
In due time they will see. The horror they failed to see brewing in the dark.

End is coming.

And it starts with a hero.

  • avengers
  • loki
  • norse
  • olympus
  • percy
KittyCatGamer98 KittyCatGamer98 Sep 06, 2017
Wait, how old is he? 
                              First he's 12
                              And now he's a sophomore in high school
                              MAKE UP THY MIND
You know what's funny?
                              Anytime Annabeth breaks up with Percy the fandom goes crazy getting ready to murder her, but when Percy breaks up with Annabeth everyone's  cool with it.
KittyCatGamer98 KittyCatGamer98 Sep 04, 2017
No, he looks like he needs someone to go over there and give him a hug
napstablookg napstablookg Nov 04, 2017
*yells from corner* This title is clickbait, there's an actual book called Frost Blood and it's probably better than this!
................ I can't remember if it's citizen or citezen.......................... Dam
So Sally's the daughter of Poseidon in this story, but who's the father? Is he Mortal or Demigod or God? I'm hella confused