Frost Blood

Frost Blood

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Winter By terrorhoodie Updated Jun 08, 2015

They thought it was over.
Their world safe.
The war was won.

But their wrong.

It was just the beginning.
Something is coming, lurking, hiding.
And it's getting stronger.

Like puppets on strings, they have no idea someone is in control.
In due time they will see. The horror they failed to see brewing in the dark.

End is coming.

And it starts with a hero.

Does that mean he has to lay low to the campers, or just stay in camp
ironically, it's spelt embarrassing not emberassing.
                              fire your proof reader.
*Poseidon (I first thought it was a typo, but you even repeated it)
Annabeth02 Annabeth02 Dec 07, 2016
Most likely both...if you get him mad, he's your worst nightmare
Empty_Mask Empty_Mask Jan 17
There is exactly 100 comments... 
                              Oh wait I broke it.
The gods are going to have his head for this violation.  How did it even happen?