Chubby Love (2015)

Chubby Love (2015)

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3.141592653589 By 3pointt14 Updated Mar 24, 2016

++ "We sure are cute for two ugly people" ++

When a witty and charming spirit sneaks into the soul of a shamelessly attractive teenage boy who has the social skills of a tree, the spirit suddenly becomes his alter ego and tries to help him capture the attention of girl.  

"This is like Deadpool.  Falling in love.  Plus the humour, minus the blood and gore.  Downright funny really."

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yuukine-san yuukine-san Oct 21, 2017
Another awesome humor story by 3pointt14.... *mockingjay whistle*
Honestly when people tell me this I just be like "Thanks dude, now allow me to continue eating all the fucks I don't give " then I would take out a poptsrt pack and eat it in front of them.
PiZza_WhOrE PiZza_WhOrE Aug 12, 2017
*immediately drops pizza and closes box and shoves it aside*
lwonder lwonder Sep 14, 2017
Oh my god! 😂 Dude shut up! I feel kinda sorry for him 😂