Red Lights || Destiel stripper/brothel AU

Red Lights || Destiel stripper/brothel AU

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Destiel Trash 💅 By wingsandhunters Completed

Here in England we can drink at ages 18 so in this AU they're aloud to drink at 18 okay?

In a world where love is for the highest bidder, can love really survive?

Castiel Novak leads a double life, on the one hand he is high school nerd, music master with his hair slicked back and glasses on. However on the other he is a dancing and sex machine, stripping for money and fornicating (having sex) for even more. Once Castiel steps out of school he chucks his glasses and whips out his wing tattoo - along with his other persona: angel. 

Leave your inhibitions at the door when you step on the club floor - CATS&DOGS strip club

Warning: prostitution and violent scenes

ART IS MINE!! #muchproud

Never read Twist and Shout but it's on my list. Seems almost everyone has read it so I might as well join the heart break
I'm scared to read this. First time reader and I don't know what happens.
what the fúck? i couldve walked into this place thinking it was a pet store smh
I love twist and shout it is so heart renching if you are fragile don't read it
iM-not_fine iM-not_fine Aug 07
If I crash on the couch can I sleep in my clothes? Cause I spent the night dancing im drunk I supposed If it looks like I'm laughing I'm really just asking to leave. (Not the same thing but I read it in that tempo)
God I have no fücking idea how to picture a male body. It's times like these I imagine Yuri Katsuki for he is the most sensually moving male I have ever seen (though he is animated)