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I Bet I Can Make Him Smile boyxboy (Under Editing!)

I Bet I Can Make Him Smile boyxboy (Under Editing!)

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Alex Ben By ALEXxTOBY Completed

Storm Miles is a seventeen year old boy who lives alone with his little brother Luca. Storm is legally Luca's guardian but sees them as brothers most of the time. By the time Storm was four he had to learn to take care of himself while his parents were out doing god knows what. The only time he smiles is if he's around Luca or his only best friend Tyler. All anyone sees in him is the 'weird quiet emo kid' who sits alone and never talks. What happened when the school jock comes into his life?

Jackson Rider is the schools most popular kid/Jock. He has his own little group of close friends, Kyle, being the smartest and nicest out of all of them has been friends with Jackson since 1st grade. What will happen when the other three bet he can make Storm Miles fall for him? Will he listen to Kyle that it's a bad idea and turn it down? Or will he let his pride get the best of him?
*I do not own any pictures unless said otherwise.*

                              AND I DANCE DANCE DANCE AND I DANCE DANCE DANCE
                              CAT IM A KITTY CAT
                              AND I MEOW MEOW MEOW AND I MEOW MEOW MEOW
                              *nyan cat is triggered in the distance because his reference was not used*
Judge_of_Death Judge_of_Death May 18, 2016
This guy is like, literally me, minus the looks. I don't look anything like him.
- - Apr 11, 2016
An "emo style" is called a scene or an alternative hairstyle for future references :3
-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- Sep 12, 2016
He's cute for a boy but he looks regular guy hight so that's a bummer. I don't like people that are bigger than me. I'm only like 5' ish though so I don't like a lot of people lol
1fangirlLifestyle 1fangirlLifestyle Jul 23, 2016
*has four water bottles with straws in them and sips water* hot damn
-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- Sep 12, 2016
School has literally been hëll since 2nd grade. Plus I'm gay so don't tell me I haven't caught on. lol it's not really that bad but I do wish I didn't have to go. There are some real bïtches in there