The Halloween Cannibal

The Halloween Cannibal

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Aly Gedgaudas By Alycat1901 Completed

Halloween is a time to scare. A time to enjoy sharing scary stories of monsters of the night. 
That's easy for the lovely town of Falls Creek. They have an ugly history of previously inhabiting  homicidal cannibal, Richard Carling.

 For seventeen-year-old Cassi Ross, this Halloween night was supposed to be spent babysitting her favorite group of munchkins.
But as her night goes by with strange occurrences such as mysterious phone calls, dead animals, and a masked face looking through the windows, she quickly realizes that someone is taking Halloween pranking too far.
Possible suspects could be any number of teenage pranksters enjoying celebrating the memory of a grisly killer, or even Cassi's fellow babysitter, who has an overwhelming love for scary movies.

It all seems to be just fun and games apart of harmless Halloween shenanigans.....Until it's discovered there's something rather sinister behind it, where someone deeply invested in Richard Carling's legacy wishes Cassi harm...

Amazing cover by Astoundedstars

werdette werdette Aug 08
Cannibal bride is one of my favourite books by you so this should be good
-moniii -moniii Mar 19
i could imagine this as a movie. 
                              aha i like how cass is the only one who seems to have a brain like seriously? aha c: good story so far though.
gia668 gia668 Feb 02
Awesome! I especially like her reasoning, as the cannibal didn't send shivers up my spine, the fact that he had the mind of a 6 year old did
I didn't realise Cannibal Bride had a prequel :(
                              Ah well, I guess I better start reading this asap!
dsulli dsulli Oct 28
My parents had no imagination. For Halloween, I went as an accountant.
GrimWitchh GrimWitchh Nov 15
She's gonna ditch the kids for a Halloween party isn't she...