The Tyrant

The Tyrant

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Krystal By MyRoomIsMessy Updated Apr 14, 2015

This novel is only for mature Audiences, 18+ older.

"Does it feel the same?" his voice was low, husky even as she felt his hands slid up her legs. Started from the feet, a finger curving inside the side of her calf, behind her knees making her buckle and up towards an area not many had touched before.
"Answer me,"

How did he keep his voice stable, so commanding, she shivered trying to gather her voice.

She opened her eyes, her fist mistake. His grey ones stared right at her, into her, her soul as she opened her mouth a soft gasp, "N-no," she whispered.

That was all he needed to brush the petticoats aside and slip a finger into her folds, not her gown folds, her other folds. 


He was never gentle, but he was with her.

Eva was a gentle creature, what, she thought was love turned out only to be anything but that. Betrayed she ran from her humiliation. 
Kane had a reputation that shouldn't be messed with, when it is messed, but when an afraid young woman lands on his doorstep, he didn't have much option but to let the human in him to  help her.

wtfamidoingT-T wtfamidoingT-T Oct 31, 2016
Omg I can already tell how innocent she is by the fact that she doesn't know it's cologne
BabyTK_ BabyTK_ Sep 02, 2016
I would like to come through this book and beat his ass 😡😡
karmas_love karmas_love Sep 12, 2015
oh my goodness ew that filthy cock sucker...he needs to go to jail and drop the soap.pretty boy needs to get his ass taken .learn what no means
- - Jul 13, 2015
I'm so heartbroken man like there have been many times I've wanted to jump into a book or a movie and help the person
obsidiangirl obsidiangirl Apr 23, 2015
If I could jump through this book you would never be able to move again...
obsidiangirl obsidiangirl Apr 23, 2015