Lost and Found

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Amelia Parkin is a successful woman, a geek in school, she's now a highflying banker in London. She  has the world at her feet, with doors starting to open for her. Then like a punch in the stomach a face appears in her world that drags her back to her childhood, an unhappy time. Sol Tanner is directly responsible for everything that has gone wrong in her life. 
    And she hates him....doesn't she?
wow,,,,i'm  lostin it.wonderful.such a beautiful story you did there.bravo! :-)
Ahhh...this story is so juicy. It was really thought out nicely. You can really say it's worth it. First chapter but there's already a bang!!! It drove my attention to question on why or how did they end up like that??? O___O
@MmaroZ Okay, okay I'll try to rest! But now I'm excited for the next chaper of Never Again! I can't wait to read it :D :D
@MmaroZ I'm supposed to be resting…but when I got an email notifying that you’d put up a story… I just couldn’t resist :)
Yaay another amazing story!! I can never get enough of your stories Maro. :)