Lost In Your Love [ ON HOLD.]

Lost In Your Love [ ON HOLD.]

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reckless_ovo By reckless_ovo Updated Sep 02, 2017

"I get lost in your love. I get wrapped in the words you say, I get lost in the love we make. I even fall hard for the games you play." 


"Get out of here with that bullshit, I'm not tryna hear it." I waved her off. The rain started to drizzle a little bit. 

"Well. That's God telling me to go inside and leave you alone. For good." I began to walk away, but she grabbed my arm and turned me around. 

"Stop! Just let me explain -"

"How much times you gon' use that line. You wanted him now you can without me having to be down ya neck. Gon' now. Continue with ya thotivities." Once again, I attempted to walk off. The rain started to pour harder. 

Um no. These shenanigans can't go on any longer. She really has me standing in the rain like a fool. Does she expect for me to let this slide. 

"It wasn't supposed to hap - it was supposed to be a one time thing. I - I," I  laughed shaking my head. 

"Look at you. Over here stumbling over your words still telling lies! Why can't you tell the truth? Get the fuck out of here man, you startin' to piss me off man, real talk." 

"Baby, I'm sorry." She was drenched. "Please don't leave, you make me myself now. I don't have to keep changing because you accept me, but if you leave. . ." She trailed off. 

"Hell na. You're not about to sit here and try to guilt trip me!" I yelled pushing her forehead with me finger. "You know who you sound like?" I questioned. It was taking all of me not to fuck her up.

"Don't compare me to her!" She gasped slapping my face. 

"You put yo' dry ass hands on me again and we'll be fighting out here like niggas." I warned. I was soaked, irritated, and hungry.

"I love you can we please talk." She stressed. "You're just saying that!" I stressed back. "Just stay away from me please. Make my life easier if you 'loved me oh so much.' "

I jogged back to my house and slammed the door, locking it. 

That girl ain't for me, she's for everybody.

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FriskyChives FriskyChives Sep 04, 2017
"well what can i say? imma ladies man" tf do i be talking bout😭
Killa-trymebih Killa-trymebih Nov 21, 2016
Lmao. When you so happen to be smoking a blunt right now.
                              "Want a pull Chris?" Sike naw mf I don't share weed
Arithetrilll Arithetrilll Jul 31, 2016
I know I shouldn't drink and drive, but I just wanna see them thighs 💫
ebbyIggy ebbyIggy Jul 22, 2016
Oh no! Even though she didn't stop it felt like rape. She really didn't want to do it. But I don't know just yet. I gotta keep reading