The bully and his brother  (Justin bieber and Ariana grande)

The bully and his brother (Justin bieber and Ariana grande)

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Ariana Grande is a normal teenager but suffers depression and gets bullied by Justin Bieber and his friends. When Justin comes across the type of lifestyle Ariana has, he is forced to see who she really is and makes his decision to be in her life. However not everyone is on their side and they will find their love hard to maintain, so can they do it? Or will it crash and burn?

Not to be rude but its a lot of people in this world and how you know somebody thought of the same sentence of you but didn't read this book but your books is good so far
Taytots19 Taytots19 Jun 27
Are you in love with her or something because it said my heart broke to see that because if you are you should stop bullying her
This is my favourite chapter and this is my 7th time reading this book lmao
Taytots19 Taytots19 Aug 04
Oh now you feel bad you should've felt bad when you started bullying her
myadoreable myadoreable Aug 30
Tbh if I were bullied I wouldn't take time to know Their last or middle name
petparadise101 petparadise101 Sep 06, 2015
Huh? First Jason was like 'ha bish got owned' and then he's like live with me forever' what the hell !?