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Her Moonlight (edited ) by -veiledfairy
Her Moonlight (edited )by -veiledfairy
Tour is starting, which means Ariana will need dancers, get to see her fans and even meet the love of her life Ariana Grande X OC contains: -abuse -drinking -self harm a...
Only 4 one night (Arianaxyou) by ArisPimp
Only 4 one night (Arianaxyou)by Ari’sPimp
"What happened to only one night?" Y/N G!P (Highest rankings) #8 in arianagrande #1 in arianaxyou #2 in arianabutera #2 in butera #3 in agb #4 in ariana
Ariana Grande Imagines by seanlikesdick
Ariana Grande Imaginesby s.
ill wait through your phases bxg
Imagine || 𝐀.𝐆. by funsizedbby
Imagine || 𝐀.𝐆.by funsizedbby
Mother/daughter Sister/sister ‼️Y'ALL THIS IS NOT INCEST.
from me to u... (book one) by ConneyGibson
from me to u... (book one)by FromItalicsToBold
She's one of the biggest stars in the world. She has Grammys, number-ones, platinum and diamond records, and sells out arenas with every single show. Yet, not many peopl...
Free (Sequel to Trapped) by evenhairy
Free (Sequel to Trapped)by Taylor
Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber suffered something horrible as teenagers. Now, it's 5 years later, and they're getting married. The two adopted 5 year old Aviella Monet...
Before Strawberry Candies - Ariana grande x You (girlxgirl)  by youmenewyork
Before Strawberry Candies - youmenewyork
then you come through like the sweetener you are to bring the bitter taste to a halt... Ariana x Female reader
Bad to you (arianaXyou) by jsksmsja
Bad to you (arianaXyou)by Nakeyskinwalker
Why are you only good to me when I'm bad to you Y/N G!P
Groupchat - Jariana [Completed] by Buteraspurpose
Groupchat - Jariana [Completed]by ButerasPurpose
a groupchat w bunch of celebs alotta drama n love n other stuff happens. .... that's it... Enjoy! (This revolves mostly around Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande)
Instagram | jb  by crescentgrande
Instagram | jb by paris🌙
justinbieber started following you. justinbieber liked your post. New message from justinbieber. Highest ranking: #1 in Bieber The book that started a whole Instagram th...
woman by lolitathot
womanby lolitathot
a love story of some sorts. - frequent updates - [hariana will prosper fictionally]
My Sweet Goal ≫ jariana by drewsarianah
My Sweet Goal ≫ jarianaby alondra taissss
She used to be just a goal to him, but now she's his everything, and he will do anything to stay with her. Anything. And so will she. All rights reserved || Copyright ©...
Love Yourself (JB+AG) by evenhairy
Love Yourself (JB+AG)by Taylor
"Ariana, don't do this" "Justin, it's too late" "I can't lose you, baby girl, don't go. I love you" "I'm already gone" Cover Cr...
Trapped (Jariana) by evenhairy
Trapped (Jariana)by Taylor
Ariana Grande is a normal 16 year old girl who goes to a normal high school in the normal city of Denver, Colorado. That is until she wakes up in a small, dank room with...
Hope (JB+AG)  by evenhairy
Hope (JB+AG) by Taylor
Third Book in the Trapped Trilogy. Ariana and Justin's life is going great. 2 kids, and 2 more on the way, amazing house, 2 great jobs, and very successful. That is, un...
ONLY YOU - Ariana/You by YoungAngel19
ONLY YOU - Ariana/Youby YoungAngel
Ariana has fallen in love with you and will do anything to win your heart. non-profit story
Bad Decisions  by ecstaticari
Bad Decisions by ecstaticari
Ariana, a pop superstar, meets Y/n, a high-school art student, and despite being from different backgrounds, they soon realise that they have a lot in common than they a...
agb • facts  by tmhsquad
agb • facts by sara !
Ariana Grande's Facts
Bullied-a Justin bieber and Ariana grande story by kibmus
Bullied-a Justin bieber and Akio🕷
Ariana grande a girly unpopular 17 year old girl who gets bullied By schools most popular , Justin bieber. But ARiana changes , but will badass ariana ever be what she...