ALLURE: A Watcher Series Prequel (First 50 Pages)

ALLURE: A Watcher Series Prequel (First 50 Pages)

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 [Note: There are vampires in this novel, but they are not the focus like in other books in this series.  The focus is on the human characters.  Though, there is a super hot speakeasy scene involving a very attractive vampire ;).  The action starts in chapter 2!! ] 

"Storms make oaks take deeper root."

-George Herbert

Chapter 1-OWE ME

October 5th, 1928 

 Rosemond ~~

"No, Mother!  I won't!  I won't do it!"  Everything inside me screamed out against her simple request. Perhaps because there was nothing simple about it.

"You are no longer safe with me, my darling."  She looked at me pleadingly, her pale blue eyes threatening to pierce my protestations.  She pushed back the dark bangs from my forehead.

Refusing to meet her eyes, I sat abruptly on the edge of my bed and worried the ends of my shawl.  The yarn perfectly matched the small blue flecks in the fine wool of my dress.  I crossed my feet at the ankles and the new shoes she had given me squeaked on the slick hardwood ...

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