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Remember Me ( A Young Derek Hale FF)

Remember Me ( A Young Derek Hale FF)

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Tyra Rogers By TyraRogers Completed

 After Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia and Kira bring back Derek, well sort of. Things start to get more complicated, with Kate on the lose and all. Tyra McCall is Scott's sister. She has been keeping a secret from everybody else because she's afraid of what they'll think and she just wants to be normal. She and Derek aren't exactly what you'd call friends. They pretty much hate each others guts. She has no idea what happened to Derek because she wasn't there. When they bring Derek back with them how will they both react to seeing each other?

Based on Season 4 of Teen Wolf. Warning. there may be strong language and some pretty intense scenes ( If you know what I mean ;D)

malvina03 malvina03 Sep 05, 2016
We are talking about Derek Hale of course he is good looking DUH!!
malvina03 malvina03 Sep 05, 2016
Talk to the demon who kills all Derek's girlfriend 
                              The psycho werewolf 
                              the hot Psycho Werewolf killer who likes to kill for powers 
                              Go Talk to Peter Scott no wonder why I call you a bit a fool
malvina03 malvina03 Sep 05, 2016
until he helps Kate and Get almost killed 
                              yeah its not such a bad thing
malvina03 malvina03 Sep 05, 2016
have you Ever McCall heard Love-Hate 
                              or Never say never 
                              Or You say you hate someone because you are afraid to tell him 'I Love you' 
                              Or Music is life but now is Derek is death 
                              the last one was fail 😂😂
malvina03 malvina03 Sep 05, 2016
let's think about it all the girls you had dated Hale
                              what happened to them yeah let's see 
                              Paige you killed her because of Peter
                              Kate Peter killed her  
                              Jennifer again Peter killed her
                              Do you want Peter to kill her or what? 
                              I'm crushing his dreams
XxxRennyDxxX XxxRennyDxxX Sep 11, 2015
I am actually reading the sequel right now I hope Derek and Tyra end up back together