My Ghoul (Kaneki x Reader x Ayato)

My Ghoul (Kaneki x Reader x Ayato)

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赤司 征十郎 x マリア・メンドーサ By The2ndTeikoManager Updated May 26

What if love does exist in the time where humans are hunted as preys by another human or should we say Ghouls. Would that love conquer everything or will it crumble as time passes by? Will it be now or forever? For Ghouls it's easy to live forever but for half ghouls,  Kaneki Ken and (Last Name) (First Name) will their love be forever or will someone or something break them apart? 

Ayato Kirishima. A High Leveled Ghoul in the Aoigiri. Touka Kirishima's Little Brother. Is he a threat or not?

Find Out Soon....

Cover Art from @miyokotii

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But who When You was in the hospital there was a mom and dad there
faglooord faglooord Apr 16
Yyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iiiiiii rrrreeeeaaaalllllyyyy llliiiikkkkeeee iiiiiiitttttt
Otaku_Gamer2002 Otaku_Gamer2002 Aug 08, 2016
Da heck. This is the first chapter and he's kissing me. I'm out.
Mushippan Mushippan Feb 22, 2015
Umm ghouls are not vampire who's able to switch from drinking human blood, to animal's
                              They still need human flesh DD:
                              I hope reader-chan's not hurting..
kmeoowp kmeoowp Jan 20, 2015
When ghouls eat something other than human flesh it tastes awful to them and they'll have to throw it up...
The2ndTeikoManager The2ndTeikoManager Sep 18, 2014
@drinkfarts Nah. no need. I just wanted to make something new. no worries. okay?