Curiosity and the Remains of Us

Curiosity and the Remains of Us

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Héphzibah Brian By Seekeroflight Updated Jul 09

Amarachi Oluebube, a curious teenager, seeks wisdom in the most desperate and perilous way possible, before she realizes her wrong. 


Amarachi Oluebube has always had an overwhelming curiosity to learn more about herself, her environment and others. Gaining knowledge has always been a never-ending desire for her, she would go extra miles to seek answers to all her limitless questions. To her, enlightenment is power, but when she goes too far as to summon three demons of curiosity, she has only herself to answer to. Powerless and afraid, she seeks help from five of her friends who are willing to fight with her till the end. But the real question is, would they be able to destroy all three demons without asking any universal question or would they all lose their sanity and lives before finding an answer?

(Warning: Contains violent scenes and adult themes)