When They Were Gone

When They Were Gone

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Sylvia Shadow By Scaren Updated 4 days ago

After finding common interests, a hacker and a war commander must join forces to find a vigilante terrorist whilst escaping their totalitarian government.

The State and the Sovereign have been at war for years. Two totalitarian forces that control their society's every move. But a hacker and a war commander refuse to accept such obvious dictatorship and rise up. Banding together despite their differences, they attempt to search for a way, any way, to bring their twisted government to their knees.
Meanwhile, a girl wanders through a foreign land, desperately attempting to block her past and fill her loneliness. However, from her psychological hardship stems only destruction as objects disappear with each step. Bombs. Guns. Weapons. The State's panic grows. And in her damage, she has no comprehension of the consequences. For, with just a click of her fingers...
It had to go.
It had to go.
They had to go.

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This book contains themes of war and loss, and touches on a few mature themes.
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Cover by @Aphrodite270